What is Therapy?

There are many different types of counseling and there is no clear distinction between the words "counseling" and "psychotherapy". However, both involve speaking with a trained professional in a focused way about whatever is troubling you.

At South Florida Therapeutic Solutions, we start with an initial consultation where you will meet with one of our professionals in a private, comfortable setting. The counselor will ask some basic questions about you and what you seek from counseling. It is also an opportunity to decide whether you wish to continue with more sessions.

Sessions are held in a private, comfortable surrounding and typically last 38 minutes to an hour.

Reasons why people seek counseling are varied among individuals. On occasions, we may feel distraught or unsatisfied with our relationships, employment, health, or spiritual lives. Events may happen to us that change how we feel making it seemingly impossible to put the past behind us. We may notice that our behavior or habits have changed and that we feel anxious or depressed about things.

We may not enjoy life as we would like or feel that we cannot carry on as usual. We may be able to identify the cause of our feelings but not know what to do or how to cope. By discussing our feelings we can clarify the problem and identify changes we would like to make. We can also come to understand more about our own strengths and resources so that we can feel more in charge of our lives.